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Transform the way you manage your human resources with our cutting-edge HRM software, designed to streamline and optimize your HR processes like never before.

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Why Pomelo ?

Employee Data Management

Efficiently Organize and Manage Employee Data with Our User-Friendly Solution


Flexible and Versatile Payroll Management with All Scenario Support in Our HRM Software.

Reporting and Analysis

Gather and Utilize Talent data for AI Generated Insights to Enhance Crucial Talent and Commercial Results

Free for Startups, Visionaries, and Do-ers

We understand that as a startup, you need all the resources you can get to bring your vision to life. That's why we are pleased to offer our HRM software for free to help you streamline your HR processes and focus on what matters most – your business. Plus, our software is designed to grow with your business, so you can upgrade to our premium plans as your team expands.

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Your All-In-One Cloud Solution

Seamlessly Optimize Your HR Processes with Our All-In-One Cloud Solution. Access Anytime, Anywhere for Effortless Management of Your HR Tasks.

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Features that we provide

True Real-Time Attendance

Revolutionize Your Workforce Management with Real-Time Attendance Tracking and Monitoring in Our HRM Software. Optimize Schedules, Ensure Compliance and Boost Productivity with Accurate Attendance Data.

Advanced Appraisal System

Take Your Performance Management to the Next Level with Our Advanced Appraisal Module in HRM Software. Streamline Evaluation Processes, Generate Comprehensive Reports, and Optimize Workforce Performance with Automated Feedback.

Temperament Sorter

Unlock the Power of Personality with Our Innovative Temperament Sorter Tool in HRM Software. Identify Employee Traits and Optimize Team Dynamics for Increased Productivity and Success.
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